The Tech Edge of Jobs in Travel Industry

A Friendly Note to Students of Tourism & Hospitality
Technology has revamped the society with introduction of technology into every aspect of living. From Whatsapp for messaging to smart watches to smart homes to self-driving cars, the tech edge is evident in every single matter. It has overtaken the day-to-day life will not be same without technology. It has become an aspect to be expected at every turn and at every cross road. This wave of technology has swept the travel industry also. With apps arriving to book  flights and reserve hotels  on the go, the field is all set to compete with any other industry. For most of you  who have just graduated or graduating, the new opportunities are still to be tapped into. The scene is very vague for the fresh graduates who embark on a job hunt.
But when equipped with technology has better chances to win his/her dream job or even start own business where one will have to compete with people of immense experience. So the trick is to know h…



Participating in the Olympics is a dream for every performer, athlete, gymnast, sportsman etc. To live this dream in our teenage left me and my dear friends in my dance class, exhilarated and exultant.

The moment we were conformed of this dream-cum-true trip to London of performance, we were completely enthralled. What an honour? We were lucky to represent India - Art and Culture, through our performance of a 3000 year old dance tradition of our land. Yes, we were the cultural ambassadors of our country to project and present the pride of Tamil Culture, Bharatanatyam. This thought made us feel very proud and responsible. We started our vigourous practice for the show. Our Guru, Smt. Sheela Unnikrishnan has choreographed two special pieces of dance in the Melattur style of Bharatanatyam, specially for Olympics performance. The first one is Nataraja Sthothram, a dance which is an exotic blend of Yogasanas from Pathanjali's Yoga Sutra and Karanas and Charis from B…

I started as a trickle,
Nothing about me fickle
Down a pristine glacier I flow;
Merry, bright and all glow.

Twisting and tumbling over pebbles
With foam, froth and spherical bubbles
I swirl and surge day and night
Through dawn, dusk and even twilight.

What is this? A new terrain?
Through my shallows flow a drain.
I am being pelted with waste and garbage
Cans, cartons and even a rotten cabbage.

I slow my spirit, cautious and wary,
Feeling like a pitiful quarry.
'Is this what I was born for?' I wonder
"To be harassed at every meander?'

I merge with the sprawling ocean
which looks nothing like a calming salvation.
Through a sudden epiphany I realised my friends,
That my happiness was long gone and is now past tense.

by Bhairavi Venkatesan

You can Leave Cricket but cricket will not leave you

"India is a Cricket crazy  Nation" I have heard these words and read them 100 times but did not understand the mean until today when India beat Pakistan in the world cup semifinals. Its 2.00 a.m in the morning. I would never do this crazy thing of sitting and blogging at this hour. The reason I am doing this means ,I am an Indian and I have gone crazy. I had earlier tweeted that while the whole nation would be indoors glued to the television sets I would like to go out and explore how a quite Delhi would look like. I had given up the quarterfinal game against Australia an headed for the wonderful discourse of Swami Parthsarathy. That victory in quarterfinal did not stir up the emotions of the nation as against the game against Pakistan. While most of the offices closed for the afternoon to allow its employees to catch up with the game, I decided to be at work as normal. One solace was that the live streaming of the game on internet would make to stay updated. After what happ…

Eating Gujarati In Delhi

My friend Mariellen Ward  informed me how India was  left out when the  listing of top destinations for food was  drawn up by popular travel publication  and the outrage it received from the readers. Well the publication will have its way .

I am likely to end up being called biased when I say "I  feel so fortunate  to be  living India" which according to me has unlimited options when its comes to eating. My words are not to be taken as propaganda . India truly is a "gastronomy delight"  and my friend  who is more right than "Paul Rockower" the young Jewographer and Public Diplomacy guru who believes in India  in "Gastro diplomacy" strengths.

Let me now come to this story of my craving for Gujarati Food in Delhi. Since I turned vegetarian six years ago I have been regularly asked this question " Is it not hard  staying veg" . Well my only reply has been being vegetarian is  bliss and the variety of options that Indian cuisine further en…

New Dimension to Adventure Tourism in Kashmir

It was a great sight for the people of Behrampora, Dhobiwan, Kunzer of Kashmir Valley to see a beautiful object flying above their villages in early hours of the day. They could make out three persons standing in a basket hanging from a huge balloon and waving to all the crowds who tried to follow them many of then up to 3 to 4 Kms through the fields. Some were excited to see this type of adventure activity first time in their life . It was a Hot Air Balloon run by Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering (IIS&M), Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Gulmarg first time in the Valley after a long spell  .   The balloon took off from a barren patch near Behrampora village and flew 12 Kms. towards Kunzer, Dhobiwan and Budgam. It was a trial flight by Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering (IIS&M)  who have just finished 5 snow skiing courses at Gulmarg.   Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering (IIS&M) is planning multifaceted adventure activities…

Experience New Festivals in India

It has always been a challenge to those marketing destinations to pick up new ideas that will immediately sell and excite the travellers to pick up their bags and decide to move . The destinations have tried everything to get the market attention . India is never short of travel ideas when it comes to telling people the true story . Many of you are now familiar with the phrase " Incredible India" and as one of our advertisement copy say " 365 days 1365 Festivals" its is this festivals that offer a great opportunity to experience the destination. One such festival is the " Pongala Ritual" at the famous Attukal Bhagavathi Temple in Tirvandrum the capital of " Gods own country - Kerala

It was a news to me when I was told this is the world's biggest devotional congregation of women. This year it was estimated that over 2.5 million women participated in this festival taking over miles of street space at Trivandrum, Kerala.

It was a wonderful sight to se…